belgian beer info

Dear connoisseurs, customers, amateurs and readers,

Belgium is the country of beer with about 200 breweries and more than 600 different kinds of beer all brewed in a country that has merely 10 million habitants and is nearly 30 times bigger than Hong Kong only surfacing 32,545 km2. Belgium is strangely divided into 3 parts:

  • the Flemish Community (the upper part, adjecent to The Netherlands)
  • the French Community (the lower part, adjecent to France)
  • the German-speaking Community (a very small part in the east, adjecent to Germany and Luxembourg)

You will see that, if you understand a little Flemish (a dialect of Dutch) or French, the beers haven't got English names but rather Flemish or French names. That doesn't make these beers DUTCH or FRENCH. Still Belgian beer !!

Most of the beers are made in micro breweries and require real craftmanship in contradiction with the many industrial lagers on the world market. Please understand that these beers should be savoured like a wine rather than to be quenched like your everyday lager!! But we are sure that you, a connoisseur, know that.

Enjoy and enrich your culture!!

Come in contact with Belgians in Hong Kong:

- the Belgian Club
- the Belgian and Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce