La Trappe Tripel

About 20km from the Belgian frontier with Holland is the abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Koningshoeven in Berkel-Enschot (near Tilburg) situated. It is the only Trappist beer in the world that is not from Belgian origin. But to have all 6 authentic Trappists in the world in Hong Kong (the exception is West-Vleteren which cannot be sold) we loved to carry this one too. Not only because of this reason but surely since it is a delicious beer.
Nice amber-orange coloured brew with a complex aroma of banana, bubble gum to mention a few. Lots of citrus flavour are noticed refering to banans, orange and peach. The finish is flowery yeasty with hints of coriander, clove and other spices and slightly alcoholic. Very soft mouhtfeel, very smooth brew.

As with all other Trappist breweries, the brewery only exists in order to finance the monastery, not for profit or any other commercial reason.

La Trappe Tripel
8% alc.
24 bottles/case