Golden Queen Bee

Belgian Strong Ale Honey Beer that acquires total maturity during bottle-condi-tioning. Preferably consumed at a temperature ranging between 7°C to 10°C.

If in honey lies Golden Queen Bee’s tenderness, of gold we made its crown.
Ornated with 24 carat gold flakes the Golden Queen Bee has the charm and brilliance that make it the ideal ingredient for celebrating in total exclusiveness.

It is the main substrate for fermentation. While preserving the beer’s natural character, the honey softens its mouthfeel and yields a unique refreshing aroma. We have made it our quest to carefully select honeys from different origins in order to achieve the ideal blend. the result is a true nectar of the gods that will undoubtedly please the most exigent palates.

Golden Queen Bee
8.8% alc.
6 bottles/case